4 Things to Consider When Booking a Rental Home in OCNJ

1. Consider the location! 

Just like anything in life, location is critical. In Ocean City, NJ, there are three main areas for families to choose from when deciding on a summer rental.

  • North End: Gardens to 9th Street
    • This is a popular amongst locals and still in walking distance to the boardwalk. The main attractions on the boardwalk do not start until 6th Street.
  • Mid Town: 10th Street to 34th Street 
    • Walking distance to the boardwalk and the downtown area. The boardwalk runs from St. James Place in the Gardens, to 23rd Street. The main area on the boardwalk for shopping and attractions is 6th to 14th Street.
  • South End: 34 Street to 60th Street 
    • This area is more low key area of the island with quieter beaches. Closer to Sea Isle and Corson’s Inlet State Park.

View this map to get a better understanding of the layout of the island:

OCNJ Summer Rental Map

2. Are your dates flexible? or does your family have a set schedule?

Dates can really effect the price in rentals drastically. The prices in rentals are controlled by the individual owners of the property. No matter what your location, prices will fall and peak in the OCNJ summer rental market, depending on the week.  Sometimes a 1 week difference in the check-in date can change the price by almost $1,000 dollars.

Check out this graph we put together, to outline the rates of one sample rental property. The property we chose was 1221 Wesley Ave in Ocean City NJ. Keep in mind, this property has an absolutely GREAT location, right smack center of all the action. Two blocks to the beach & boardwalk, and a quick walk to the downtown area! Anyway, back to the pricing chart:

OCNJ Summer Rental Prices

As you can see, the beginning of the season or tail end of the season have the best values. July 1st starts the increase of pricing and it peaks in late July and early August, as these are considered “premium weeks”. Some reasons that cause a peak in price are the summer holidays, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and events like Nights in Venice.

3. What do you plan on doing when you are here?

It is certainly a good idea to plan out what your group wants to do, when vacationing in Ocean City, NJ. If walking the downtown and going to the boardwalk on a daily basis is something they are interested in doing, we certainly recommend searching for a rental property in the Downtown area. This way, you are within walking distance to the attractions. Not to mention, parking nightly for the boardwalk can be roughly $10-$25/night based on the time of year, so if you were driving to the boardwalk from the South End, it could get pretty expensive.

If you are the type of family that is looking for less hustle and bustle, more relaxed beach time. We certainly recommend looking for a property in the South End (34th – 60th Street). Ocean City, NJ also offers a Trolly Service that runs from July – September, for a casual ride downtown. The Trolly runs from 5p – 11:30p, and stops at every corner on the route from 59th to Battersea.

4. Have you considered multiple family rental?

Lets face it, summer rentals in Ocean City, NJ can be expensive, but, you can’t put a price tag on the memories that are made on this wonderful island. A good portion of summer rentals consists of multi-family rentals. For example, lets say 4 families get together and rent a large beach front house for $9,000 and split it 4 ways. Each family will only pay $2,250/per family for the week of June 24th – July 1st. Wouldn’t it be nice to be beach front for a week in Ocean City, NJ?

View the sampled property here: 3420 Wesley Ave Ocean City NJ

We hope these 4 pointers help making your decision to rent in Ocean City easier & better! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us directly at 609-557-7141 or email us rentals@ocnjweeklyrentals.com

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