10 Reasons to visit Ocean City NJ in the Fall

Ever consider coming to Ocean City NJ in the Fall? Here are 10 reason why you should!

Ocean City, NJ or “America’s Greatest Family Resort” is a place for family vacations primarily in the spring. But did you know that Ocean City is an awesome place to visit during the Fall too? Here we have compiled 10 reasons that might convince you to take a trip the most family-friendly city in America this Fall.

  • No Crowds. Most of the people visit Ocean City NJ during the summer months of June, July and August. So you will have the beach all to yourself enjoy a quiet weekend far from the maddening summer crowds.
  • Discounted weekly & partial week rentals. Since Fall is mainly considered an off season, you will get loads of discount everywhere. OCNJ Weekly Rental’s prices would drop by as much as 50%.
  • Breath-taking autumn sunsets. Nothing can beat the awesome scenery the beaches provide during the sunsets. Autumn sunsets have a separate charm of their own and the beautiful beach at Ocean City amplifies it manyfolds.
  • Awesome weather. The temperatures don’t dip too drastically — averages highs are in the 60s and 70s. Sometimes you’re still able to hit the beach & maybe even take a dip in the ocean (early fall). It fells incomplete if you visit Ocean City and not take a dip in the Ocean.
  • 95% of all businesses are still open. Just because it is off season doesn’t mean the locals pack up their shops and go into hibernation. Some Ocean City NJ businesses are open throughout the whole year.
  • Tons of events are arranged in the city like the Corvette Show on the Boardwalk (September), Fall Block Party (October), the Halloween Parade (October) & so many more! These events are all thanks to the Ocean City Chamber. If you have not experienced the Ocean City NJ Fall Block Party then you are missing out
    • Corvette Show  – Sunday September 20th
      • Over 350 cars exhibited. One of the largest shows of its kind in the East. Models from every year Corvettes were manufactured comprise this colorful show. Displayed on the boardwalk from 6th – 10th St., 11:30am – 4pm.
    • Fall Block Party – October 10th 2015
      • Fall Block Party and Fireworks Spectacular – 9am – 5pm from 5th – 14th Streets on Asbury Ave. Over 400 crafters, food vendors, music and more. In the evening, family night entertainment on the boardwalk with fireworks at 9:30pm
    • Halloween Parade – October 29th 2015
      • 7:15pm on Asbury Ave. from 6th – 11th Street.

For a full list of events happening in Ocean City NJ click here.

  • End of Season deals at businesses in the downtown shopping district. You get awesome deals and discounts at the shopping districts. Ocean City NJ rentals can point out all the great places to visit to get the maximum discounts.
  • The boardwalk & downtown asbury are decorated with a fall theme. You can enjoy an awesome walk along the 3 mile boardwalk along the coast taking in the fall weather which is complimented by the awesome fall-themed decorations.
  • Local restaurants all put together “Autumn Inspired” dishes, like a Multigrain Turkey Gobbler at Sunrise Cafe & Pumpkin Coffee at Ocean City Coffee Co
  • Well, simply because it’s Ocean City NJ. What more do you really have to say? It is a famous coastal community that has been premier holiday destination for all ages, all year long!

Just give Ocean City, NJ a try this fall and we can assure you and experience of a lifetime awaits you at Ocean City NJ

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